Turn lanes returning to Highway 69, according to Tuscaloosa County Commissioner

New turn lanes for Highway 69 in Tuscaloosa County

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - More turn lanes are coming to an intersection along Highway 69 South. They were there before, but the Alabama Department of Transportation took them away to improve traffic flow ahead of a major road project later this year.

Tuscaloosa Commissioner Mark Nelson represents the area that includes the roadway. He said the Tuscaloosa County Road Improvement Commission has an agreement with Tuscaloosa County that will use money left over from a road project on Bear Creek Cut Off Road in 2018. Those savings will now go towards adding turn lanes at some of the busiest intersections on Highway 69 South of Skyland Boulevard.

“We’re trying to get about 10 intersections, all of the school intersections, the major intersections there, to reinstall those turn lanes which will be a great safety. It’ll help more traffic and make it safer,” Nelson went on to say.

Just under $3 million is available to add turn lanes at:

Bobby Miller Parkway NBR

Patriot Parkway NBR

Hillcrest School Road NBR

Mae Hinton SBR

Southview Lane SBR

Patiot Parkway SBR

Bea Creek SBR

Weatherby SBR

65th Stree NBR

Hillcrest School Road SBR

ALDOT must do some survey work before the lanes can be added. Tuscaloosa County Commissioner Nelson thinks that can happen before the end of the year.

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