New ’659′ area code approved to overlay ’205′

New ’659′ area code approved to overlay ’205′
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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - According to information recently received from AT&T, a new area code overlay has been approved for the current 205 area code in use for the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa areas.

The new area code - 659 - will overlay the 205 area code.

So what does that mean? It means both area codes 205 and 659 will serve the same area.

How will it affect you? If you live in the current 205 area code, beginning April 13, 2019, you will need to begin dialing 10 digits to reach someone in the same area.

For years, folks in the 205 area code could simply dial 7 digits to reach someone in the same city or across town.

Beginning November 12, 2019, new telephone lines or other services may be assigned using the new 659 area code.

So folks won’t be assigned phone numbers using the new area code until November, but starting in April, you’ll need to begin dialing numbers including the area code.

Otherwise, your phone call may not go through. And at some point, someone else may be assigned the same 7 digit phone number as yours, but with the new area code. That’s why the 10 digit dialing will become necessary.

Still confused? Check out a detailed description below from AT&T:

New info from AT&T regarding an additional area code to our area!!! The new area code, in addition to the 205 which will...

Posted by Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency on Monday, February 11, 2019

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