Birmingham Iron players work with local schools to promote exercise

Birmingham Iron working to get kids active

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Birmingham Iron is working to tackle childhood obesity with help from Shelby Baptist Health. The team is in Shelby County encouraging kids to exercise and stay healthy.

That is why physical education in Alabaster City Schools is looking a lot different in February. Brent Byars is the principal of Thompson Intermediate School and he says they are always encouraging students to stay active.

“We’re obviously concerned about the physical activity of our students, you know with social media, video games, and just getting them off the couch and getting them active,” Byars explains.

Alabaster City Schools is partnering with Shelby Baptist and the Birmingham Iron football team in a program called “Iron Kids." Players have made videos demonstrating how to do different exercises.

“Awesome videos! Like when you talk about a player like Trent Richardson, you talk about obviously his impact, obviously a lot of Alabama football fans around here, and you know seeing him and seeing him talk to the students about the importance of being physically active,” said Byars.

All students have access to these online videos that show them easy ways to work out when they are at home and encourage them to do 20 hours of exercise during the month of February.

Daniel Listi is the CEO of Shelby Baptist Medical Center and he says that all students received an exercise log.

"Where they document their hour of activity each day. It is just a way to keep them organized and focused on stay active,” Listi explains.

If students complete the 20 hours, they get two free tickets to the game.

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