Which B’ham intersection had nearly 100 wrecks in a year?

First responders and 280 wrecks

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - An accident involving an ambulance last week at U.S. 280 and Grandview Parkway sent four people to the hospital. And while we don’t know what initially caused it, we do know that Grandview Parkway is a dangerous intersection.

According to Birmingham police, 96 accidents have happened there in the last year alone.

“I’m not surprised at all, 280 is terribly congested, everybody’s texting nowadays and distracted. I’m surprised it’s not higher," says Kyle McDonnell with Regional Paramedic Services.

Distraction right now is enemy No. 1 for paramedics and EMTs. Doing their job quickly is often a matter of life and death. Distraction, and just plain not paying attention, caused a crash a few weeks ago.

“She turned in front of us, didn’t see us coming, totaled out the ambulance. Both of the guys were hurt, they weren’t able to come back to work for another week,” says RPS Deputy Director Kyle McDonnell.

Everyone’s OK now, but McDonnell says it’s a problem that’s only gotten worse since he first started working 25 years ago.

“People either aren’t paying attention, a lot of people panic,” says McDonnell.

We rode along with one crew who picked up a man complaining of chest pain. On the way to the hospital, this is what we saw.

“People trying to race us, keep going faster than us, saw people panicking and just slamming on brakes,” says EMT Basic Jonathan Hensley.

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