The $100 million man

VIDEO; Justin Dyar 100 Million dollar Man

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Justin Dyar is a realtor and he is known in these parts by his trademark “Mr. Smith Lake.” However that name may need to be tweaked and possibly changed to “The one hundred million dollar man.” Dyar recently reached a milestone few in his profession have ever achieved selling more than 100 million dollars in property for one in year in 2018.

“It was a goal we set two years ago,” said Dyar. “I put a team in place, got my mind in place and we worked hard. I know Smith Lake better than most, and I’m not just talking about property, but also the water, which is what people are really most interested in.”

In 2018 Closed on 192 properties with an average sale price of 400 thousand dollars. He is a laid back guy, but he is driven and extremely confident in what he does. Dyar shares some of his knowledge and he proves he is not afraid to tackle any challenge as you will see in this story.

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