Honest man rewarded for returning Marine’s lost wallet

Updated: Feb. 8, 2019 at 4:02 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Harold Tubbs used to want to be in the Marines. And though he never became a Marine, he sure got the meet one.

“Yeah, I was in The Marine Corps for almost 37 years, ended up as Commandant Of The Marine Corps because of great people," said General Charles Krulak. “And then I ended up coming to Birmingham and becoming the President of Birmingham-Southern College.”

The circumstances which brought the two together are unlikely at best.

“I go to a basketball game on a Saturday at Cornerstone High School. I got in the car, drove home and I realized - jeez, there’s something missing. It was my wallet was missing,” Gen. Krulak said.

Added Tubbs: “I pulled up at a gas pump and saw a wallet by the trash and for some reason something made me pick it up. I looked inside and I saw a whole bunch of what I would call important things.”

Included in the wallet was Gen. Krulak’s military I.D. and a couple of other documents that he need if he goes to Washington.

“Me and him ended up talking on the phone and he was excited to get his wallet back. I was excited for him. He made me get excited to give it to him,” Tubbs said.

And now the General, in classic Marine fashion, wants to return Tubbs’ act of honor.

“If you want somebody who can do some things for you and do it really well and with honesty and integrity, this is the man,” Gen. Krulak said.

Tubbs’ honesty and integrity didn’t go unnoticed. A man who knew the story brought an envelope to us over the weekend and said, “Give that to Mr. Tubbs when you see him.”

Tubbs opened the envelope to find cash money.

“Wow. Whew. Tell him I said thank you. If he’s watching, thank you. That’s a blessign,” Tubbs said.

Watching a movie on television the other night about the military and one serviceman said to another, “You don’t have to have a patch on your arm to have honor.” Although men like Gen. Krulak do have a pach, there are men like Harold Tubbs. He’s a man of honor who met another. Meetings like that change lives for the better.

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