Easter Seals opens new holistic community clinic in St. Clair County

Easter Seals opens new holistic community clinic in St. Clair County
Volunteer social worker Lori Wallace at Easter Seals Clinic in Pell City

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It’s no secret that healthcare costs can be staggering. Access to care in rural areas, ads to the challenge.

That’s why Easter Seals has opened a new community clinic in Pell City.

“There is a large gap. There’s a lot of people that are working but can’t afford health insurance, or their company doesn’t offer it. That was a gap we wanted to address as well as the indigent population,” explains David Higgins. He’s the Executive Director of Easter Seals of Birmingham.

The only qualification to use the clinic, is that the patients don’t have health insurance. Patients pay a flat $20 fee.

New Easter Seals Community Clinic Open in Pell City
New Easter Seals Community Clinic Open in Pell City

The clinic, offers more than just medicine. The goal, is to address every aspect of a person’s health.

“Our clinic is different in the fact that we offer holistic care. We are a body mind and spirit clinic. We don’t just want to JUST take care of their physical needs, we want to help them whatever problems they have,” says Debbie Duke. She is one of the nurses who helped get the clinic started. She also offers spiritual based counseling. “We want to connect them to the resources to the community they need, we want to make sure that every part of their selves are taken care of.”

The clinic offers physical therapy, health and wellness education classes, chronic disease management for things like diabetes and COPD, as well as high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

“We believe that a simple investment in a person, taking charge of their healthcare, can prevent a myriad of problems down the road,” says Higgins.

The clinic is staffed by volunteers and everything in it was donated. From the furniture to the medical equipment to disposable supplies like gauze.

“The support has been overwhelming, and we are able to add new services at a much faster rate than anticipated which is good because the people need these services,” says Higgins.

The clinic is located behind City Hall in Pell City. It’s open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm. You can learn more about the services and how you can help, through the Easter Seals website.

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