Slice: Grilled shrimp over local grits

Slice: Marinated Shrimp Over Local Grits


1 cup of grits

3 cups of water

4 oz of chicken stock

1 cup of sauteed onions

2 tbsp of salt

half stick of butter

BBQ sauce:

Half pound of butter

1 oz of Worcestershire sauce

1 oz of lemon juice

1. 5 oz of grain mustard

1 oz paprika

1 oz of crystal hot sauce

Green onions

One cup of cheddar and one cup of Parmesan Boil the water and chicken stock.

Add grits.

Reduce to low-medium heat until done.

About 15 minutes.

Add butter and cheese.

When finished place on a sheet pan and chill until hard.

Then cut out a ring with a cookie cutter dust in flower and cook in deep fryer until golden brown.

Then take six deveined and butterflied shrimp and marinate them in olive oil lemon juice minced garlic and salt and pepper.

Put them on a skewer and grill or sauté them.

Then in a pan add andouille sausage.

Cook until brown on the outside.

Add shrimp and then four ounces of BBQ sauce

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