Changes made to dangerous intersection in Tuscaloosa

Changes for dangerous intersection in Tuscaloosa

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Alabama Department of Transportation has made changes to a dangerous intersection in Tuscaloosa.

Often and disturbing. That’s how Mary Junkins described the number of accidents that have happened at the Tuscaloosa intersection where she she works.

“Well, it’s been one accident after another,” Junkins told WBRC.

She’s a clerk at a gas station at Highway 69 South and Kauloosa Avenue. Tuscaloosa police reported 5 crashes here in 2018. At least two crashes happened there in January of 2019.

“They have been really concerned about driving down this road. They feel it’s unsafe,” Junkins recalled comments from customers.

Friday, the Alabama Department of Transportation switched out a flashing left turn signal here. Now drivers need a green light to turn left off of Highway 69 onto Kauloosa Avenue.

“So what they did was change it from a permissive left turn to a protective left turn. Hopefully by doing so, that’ll reduce confusion and improve safety for that intersection,” according to John McWilliams, a spokesman for the Alabama Department of Transportation.

“I have really noticed a change since they did that. I see people going much slower,” Junkins expressed.

ALDOT says this is the only intersection in Tuscaloosa that they have changed from a flashing yellow signal to a solid one.

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