Leeds Police searching for shooter who injured two people on I-20

Interstate shooting investigation

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - An interstate shooter is still on the run after Leeds police said someone fired nearly 15 rounds at another car.

It happened on I-20 over the weekend. Police Chief Jim Atkinson said he thinks it was a targeted shooting.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on high alert.

Leeds Police said the shooting happened on I-20 east near the Leeds/Moody exit Saturday night.
Leeds Police said the shooting happened on I-20 east near the Leeds/Moody exit Saturday night.

He said those 15 shots, which he thinks were fired from an AR-15, could have hit any driver on that interstate Saturday night.

“Danger for anyone,” said Chief Atkinson. “Anyone traveling that highway could have been a victim in this shooting.”

He said these shootings on the roadways are happening more often.

“Anywhere. You get into an argument with someone, and they’re just subject to go, if they don’t already have a weapon, go and get one and come back. It happens all the time,” he said.

This particular incident happened Saturday night around 7:30 on I-20 East near the Leeds/Moody exit.

Chief Jim Atkinson
Chief Jim Atkinson

A driver in an 18-wheeler watched as a white car pulled up next to a black car, and stuck a rifle or long gun out of the window, shooting at the black car 15 times.

Police said the driver and passenger inside the black car went off the road and hit a tree.

“They were both sent to UAB Hospital,” said the chief. “The driver had multiple gunshot wounds from the waist down, and the lady passenger in the back had one shot in her abdomen.”

Chief Atkinson said a camera on the 18-wheeler’s dashboard recorded the shooting, which they hope will help them track down the shooter in the white car.

“There’s too many people with guns shooting into cars,” said Chief Atkinson. “If you are engaged, or someone tries to engage you in road rage, we would say just ignore it. No matter who mad you got, how steamed you got, get away from it.”

Police are looking for the white car with a tail light that extends across the trunk. It may be a Dodge.

If you were on I-20 that Saturday night around the Leeds/Moody exit, and saw anything, call police.

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