How you can have a ball while getting healthy

VIDEO; Ballroom Dancing

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - One of the first things we learn after walking as a child is primitive moves to dance as music plays around the house. It just comes naturally, but as we grow older our inhibitions get in the way and some might not take to dance. Ballroom Dance is such an activity and yet it has some daily applicable components that could help people everyday according to one exercise physiologist.

“It can help seniors therapeutically with memorizations,” said UAB exercise physiology professor Tamilane Blaudeau, and amateur dancer. "Plus it is a lot of fun and helps us socially along with a key component to promote health and wellness.

Blaudeau trains under Sterling Burroughs at the Fred Astaire Dance Studios, Greystone, in Birmingham, Alabama. The studio is located 5510 HWY 280, suite 210 or you can call 205-994-6457.

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