I-59/20 bridge closure impacting truckers on I-459

I-459 packed with detoured trucks

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) -Some truckers tell us they are having to leave an hour or two earlier than normal just to try and beat traffic during rush hour along I-459 due to the 59/20 bridge closure. I-459 is one of the suggested alternate routes for drivers.

Trucking companies are worried the traffic jams on 459 in the morning and afternoons will cost them money, but they are telling their drivers to be patient right now.

We spoke with a few truckers who said the bridge closure is definitely a pain to deal with. Others aren’t letting it drive them too crazy.

"It's just something we have to deal with. I've been driving since 1982. So it’s nothing new. It’s just constriction all the time you know. Just have to pick your ways and leave early,” Tim Thacker, a trucker said.

"It's a long way around. We try to get through Birmingham. I mean the construction is bad enough but then you have to take 459 and during rush hour it takes about 30, 45 minutes longer than it would just to ride through town,” Michael Hutcheson, another trucker said.

Because of the traffic, Hoover is stepping up patrols all along 459.

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