Meet the Texas construction company that has 14 months to compete I-59/20 bridge project

B'ham bridge project company has good reputation for timeliness

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The clock is ticking.

A Texas construction company has 14 months to get the I-59/20 bridges back open in downtown Birmingham. The company, Johnson Brothers Corp. has a national rep for tackling bridge projects. It has been in the business for for about 90 years.

Johnson Brothers Corporation out of Texas won the bid for the project in 2017. It was about $475 million. The company was looking to hire 200 to 300 workers to get the job done in just over 400 days.

The company has a background building bridges across the country from Louisiana to Ohio. ALDOT Regional Engineer DeJarvis Leonard said he is not aware of problems or delays on past projects. Leonard says he has faith in the company will come in on time, but the big unknown will be weather and other unknown factors we don’t know about right now.

“Well I guess what gives me confidence is the quality of their bridges work thus far. It has been excellent and so this is bridge project going forward primarily that gives us more confidence,” Leonard said.

Time is the challenge for Johnson Brothers. A penalty kicks in at $250,000 a day every day they are late. Of course, they can get a bonus of that same amount every day they are early.

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