Volunteers flock to Wetumpka to help tornado clean-up

Volunteers help clean up Wetumpka tornado damage

WETUMPKA, AL (WBRC) - State Representative Reed Ingram is one of many volunteers helping in the clean-up efforts in Wetumpka.

“It’s good to see the community coming together on a cold day like this, with wind chills in the 30s, doesn’t bother them at all,” he said.

Rep. Ingram wasn’t the only one who helped the Wetumpka community a day after a tornado impacted their town.

“Whenever we went to sign up this morning there were lines of folks piling in, try to do as much as they can. People were bringing chainsaws, tools, anything they can out here. It is a really big community,” said volunteer Caitline Schulte.

The WBRC Weather Team gave you the FIRST ALERT on Saturday as tornadoes threatened central Alabama. According the National Weather Service preliminary survey, it was a higher end EF-2 tornado that touched down in Wetumpka, with winds of 120 to 130 mph. An EF-1 tornado also touched down southeast of Rockford in Coosa County.

“There are a lot of people that got hit and a lot of people that got lucky, it tore up downtown Wetumpka pretty good," said volunteer Austin Armstrong.

So far, four tornadoes have been confirmed in central Alabama. What happened on Saturday reminds us just how quickly the weather can change in Alabama and how tornadoes in Alabama can happen during anytime of the year, when conditions are favorable. That is why we are committed to bringing you the First Alert whenever we see a severe weather threat.

“I saw it on the news yesterday and I have family that live in town and after we realized our family was ok, we knew they needed volunteers and help, we wanted to see what we could we do to help everybody,” Schulte said.

Saturday also reminds us of how neighbors are there for each other in times of need.

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