Remembering Sgt. Carter: Law enforcement from around the country attend funeral of fallen BPD officer

Officers from around U.S. honor Sgt. Carter

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Officers, loved ones, friends and strangers all said goodbye Saturday to Sergeant Wytasha Carter.

The Birmingham Police sergeant died Sunday after being shot while responding to car burglaries.

Everywhere you looked, you saw a badge from a different law enforcement agency. They were from as close as Montgomery and spanned all the way up to Chicago. Officers from all over the country were here in Birmingham for their fellow man in blue.

“While everyone rested at night, Sgt. Carter was hard at work, protecting those who didn’t even know his name,” BPD Chief Patrick Smith said. “They didn’t know Sgt. Carter was out there. But he was doing his job, what he was called to do.”

Chief Smith called Sgt. Carter a leader and protector and said he died as a hero.

And as close to 25,000 people filled the BJCC. Sgt. Carter’s death was a reminder of the sacrifice law enforcement officers make every single day.

“It’s what we do. It’s in our blood,” said Chicago Police officer James Young. “I’m a fifth generation Chicago police officer. My son’s at a job now. It’s what we do.

“There’s police officers from all over the country here today. New York, Boston, Texas, New Jersey, and all over the state of Alabama.”

Officer Young and Officer Michael Bryant are both part of a non-profit organization called Brotherhood for the Fallen, which has chapters all over the country. They participate in funerals for officers killed in the line of duty and donate to the families.

“It never gets easier,” said Officer Bryant. “It’s a horrible experience. It just happens. Everyone becomes a big family the day you walk in that academy to the day you walk out on the street. You’re part of the brotherhood forever.”

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