Shelby County mother’s warning after car break-in at daycare

Mother talks about car break-in at Calera daycare

CALERA, AL (WBRC) - A mother wants you to avoid making the same mistake she did after her car was broken into at her children’s daycare in Calera.

According to Stephanie Rivera, the crime happened last Thursday. She was sitting in the parking lot on the phone at the School for Amazing Kids before going inside to pick up her children when a vehicle pulled up behind her.

“A female popped out and almost ran up to my window,” said Rivera. “I didn’t think much about it at the time.”

Rivera said that woman then went back to her car and left. A few minutes later, she went inside the daycare, leaving her wallet on the console and the car running with the heat on because it was cold.

“I’m usually only in there for a couple of minutes,” said Rivera. “We got back out to the car, and my wallet wasn’t there.”

After searching her vehicle, Rivera started panicking and realized her wallet had been stolen.

“I called my mom crying because I had a lot personal things in the wallet of my children’s," said Rivera. “I have had to replace all my cards, but she didn’t get much, just a couple of dollars.”

Shelby County woman's car was broken into while she went inside to pick up her children.
Shelby County woman's car was broken into while she went inside to pick up her children. (Source: Kenneth Smith/WBRC)

Rivera realizes now she left herself vulnerable and hopes others don’t make the same mistakes.

“I just had to learn the hard way. From now on, regardless of how long I’m going to be in there or anywhere else to make sure I lock my car doors,” said Rivera. “Bring any valuables inside to where ever you’re going.”

A business next door to the daycare caught the break-in on a surveillance camera. Calera Police Chief Sean Lemley said on Thursday that video is too grainy to make out a lot of details. He said at this point, they don’t have any suspects.

The Calera incident comes after a similar case in Birmingham. Two cars were recently burglarized at Hand in Hand daycare while parents were taking their children inside. These cases appear to be isolated. Birmingham Police Sergeant Johnny Williams said this doesn’t appear to be a trend at daycare facilities.

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