University of Alabama expands events around MLK holiday

UA to expand MLK Jr. Day celebration

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Dozens of people gathered inside Doster Hall at the University of Alabama for a lunch and learn event in recognition of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jasmine Rhinehart felt happy she could attend. “I think it’s great we get to celebrate the legacy of a great man who did a lot for all of us across cultures,” Rhinehart said.

Wednesday’s luncheon on the topic of “Color Blind Color Brave,” was one of several new events that focus on King’s life and accomplishments.

Dr. Mark Nelson, Dean of the College of Communication and Information Sciences, said people are also encouraged to participate in some public service projects later in January. ″It’s almost like the University has a responsibility to our students, faculty and staff to educate them about the legacy of Dr. King and also to help encourage the dream and move it along. That’s why the title of this event is called the fierce urgency of now," Dr. Nelson said.

Many see it as a way to encourage diversity, equality, and inclusion. ″I think that’s really important to bring it all back where we’re one people and we should really do things together," Rinehart explained.

The University has scheduled a number of community service projects people affiliated with the school can take part in on Monday.

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