Northport considering new vicious animal law

Northport Vicious Animal Ordinance

NORTHPORT, AL (WBRC) - The City of Northport is one step closer to finalizing their vicious animal ordinance, and the city attorney said it will be like the state’s recently passed Emily’s Law with a few additions.

For example, right now Emily’s Law only punishes pet owners if their pet kills a human on their property or in a public space. Northport’s vicious animal ordinance would include pet owners to be held accountable if their pets kill another person’s pet in a similar scenario.

This all stems from a few dog attacks last year in Northport, some ending in the death of some pets.

The city attorney said the person would be ticketed and summoned to court, where the judge would determine the specific charges.

“The problem in the state of Alabama is they don’t give much value to your pet, and you know this day and time, sometimes a pet is almost treated like your child. If your pet is lawfully on your property, someone else’s pet should not be able to come on your property and kill your pet and there be no consequences,” said Ron Davis, Northport City Attorney.

Overall, city leaders said they want to make sure pet owners are being responsible and work with them to keep their community safe. They plan to vote on the ordinance at the next council meeting later this month.

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