Business owner reflects on footage that shows aftermath of fatal shooting of BPD officer Sgt. Carter

Surveillance video shows BPD shooting aftermath

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Walking along 5th Avenue North in downtown Birmingham, just before I-65 if you’re leaving Legion Field, Chase McMaster reflects on the footage that shows the aftermath of the shooting which took the life of Sgt. Wytasha Carter with the Birmingham Police Department.

“So the Four Seasons Bar and Grill is right there. It actually happened on 5th, about a block past where Element Garage is right there,” said McMaster.

The surveillance camera from his business, Chase Bays, was recording very early Sunday morning. McMaster explained, "I was kind of blown away. And it kind of got more and more eerie as me and the detectives were watching the footage. And, so, it was wild seeing the shots.”

Carter and his partner were responding to a call about car break-ins. When they approached two suspects, Chief Patrick Smith with the Birmingham Police Department says one of the suspects began shooting at the officers. Carter was shot and killed. His partner and one of the two suspects were sent to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

VIDEO: Surveillance footage shows scene around fatal shooting scene

McMaster said, “I don’t think it’s bad against the area. You know, I believe in the area. I don’t want people to frown upon the area. I just think it’s a group of people who saw an opportunity.”

When thinking about all that has been said about this tragedy so far, McMaster had these words, “This needs to be the changing point for Birmingham. And this needs to be the changing point for areas that close to downtown that we’re ignoring. I think we need to bring more positivity to the area. I think this can’t let us stop the progress that we’ve seen. And, we just all need to stick together and help the Birmingham police do their job. And help local business owners do their job. And try to keep the bad guys out, right?”

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