Better Business Bureau warn of Fortnite hacking

BBB: Hackers impersonating Fortnite players

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - If your child or someone else in your family plays Fortnite, check your bank and credit card statements.

That’s the advice on Thursday from the Better Business Bureau of Central Alabama after new information has come out about security flaw. Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite, now says that flaw could have allowed hackers to impersonate players and make purchases using credit or bank cards on file.

Fortnite said it has addressed the flaw and recommends players to change their passwords. Ande Kral, the Communications Manager of the Better Business Bureau serving Central Alabama, suggests you cancel the card attached to the account.

“From here on out, try to buy re-loadable Visa Cards or cards for the game devices that you’re playing on,” said Kral. “That way you’re not putting your own bank card information into it for it to be stolen.”

Kral also recommends teaching your kids about cyber security and the risks.

“Let them know if pop-ups come up and they look kind of funny be sure to just click the X," said Kral. “Don’t click any links in unfamiliar pop-ups because that’s when you can end up compromising your data.”

The Fortnite flaw allowed hackers to send users a link that gave them access to accounts, including conversations between players. If you have been the victim of the hack, you can reach out to the BBB and they can help you get your money back.

“File a complaint at,” said Kral. “We try to get in touch with Epic Games on your behalf."

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