Joy Craddock “Doing Good” on MLK Day

Doing Good: Joy Craddock

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - On MLK Day, many people will be doing volunteer work as a way of honoring civil rights icon, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. Joy Craddock will be leading the way. She is a cabinet member of HandsOn Birmingham, and will be working as a project coordinator for a team of volunteers at the Tuxedo Community Garden in Ensley.

It's a small garden that needs some help. Volunteers will be clearing it of leaves and trash to make way for more garden plots. They will also be planting several fruit trees. The idea is to provide fruits and vegetables right in the middle of what's called a food desert; a community with limited grocery stores.

Craddock says it’s important to give back especially on MLK Day. “Martin Luther King gave the ultimate sacrifice. If you can’t give time, give of yourself on that day when he gave it all, what are you doing?”

As a member of HandsOn Birmingham volunteering is a way of life for Craddock all year long. She says, “I love giving back, I’ve been blessed in my lifetime and when you’ve been given blessings and opportunities you need to give back.”

There is a list of projects just waiting for someone like you to volunteer at HandsOn Birmingham. You can sign up to help with the work at Tuxedo Community Gardens or a number of other work projects.

Craddock encourages everyone to join in. "Come on, don't even think about it. If you have time, have the capacity, just come on. Lots of people making a difference. It's the best kind of feeling you can have. Come on."

Her enthusiasm and commitment are clearly why we salute Joy Craddock for "Doing Good" with Hands on Birmingham.

To learn more about volunteering for HandsOn Birmingham, click here.

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