City of Leeds asking voters to increase property tax

Leeds tax increase vote next Tuesday

LEEDS, AL (WBRC) - Voters in Leeds are heading to the polls next Tuesday to decide whether or not to increase property taxes.

If the property tax increase passes, Superintendent John Moore with Leeds City Schools explains that some money will go towards improving the school system and some will go towards building new city buildings.

The city of Leeds is requesting a total of $9 million. For homeowners that means $90 more per year for a $100,000 home.

“If it passes, 2/3 will go to the Board of Education and 1/3 to the city government,” Moore explains.

The school already has big plans for how they would spend the money. “The board proposes to construct a new athletic complex at the high school to include baseball, softball, tennis, football, soccer, track, and also to enhance school security and have more money for programs,” Moore says.

Moore says the high school’s stadium is located across town at the middle school and is 71 years old. As for the city, they want new buildings. “A Civic Center, public library, and all of our municipal offices,” he explains.

If the vote passes, the increase will happen next fall.

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