Downtown businesses hoping for the best as 59/20 bridges come down

Business are concerned about bridge project

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It’s finally here. Next week, the 59/20 bridges will be shut down. Folks doing business in the area will try to do business as best they can with all of the inconvenience.

It will be a huge week for the BJCC. Next Tuesday night, Metallica is in Birmingham. The Legacy Arena is almost sold out for the concert. Then the Boat Show is set to start Thursday through the weekend.

“What we are going to do is start ramping up with our customers and those who attend events at the BJCC. They will still be able to get into and out of the area. We will provide the routes in and out,” Tad Snider, Executive Director of the BJCC said.

Over at Uptown, Snider said restaurants are also getting the word out they are open for business and how to get to them. “I think everyone has been planning and everyone is anxious to see how the planning is going to work.” Snider said.

The owners of Sols Hot Dogs at the 31st Street exit hope to benefit from more traffic now that at least one ramp at the 31st Street exit is open off of 59/20. “The more traffic we have, the more people will stop by. The bridges being out for the last year really hurt us, but it being opened, traffic will help us,” Johnny Gentry said.

It will be an inconvenience, but people working in the area are just hoping to make it through and hoping for the best for the future.

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