Van Sykes: BBQ Cuban Sandwiches

Van Sykes: BBQ Cuban Sandwich


Loaf Cuban Flat Bread (Other breads such as Italian Roll are fine)

2 to 4 slices of Swiss cheese

3 oz BBQ Pork

3 oz Ham

4 dill pickle slices

Bob Sykes Sandwich Spread:

2 oz Yellow Table Mustard

2 oz Bob Sykes Sauce

1 oz Dill Pickle Juice


Slice Cuban bread lengthwise; open bread. Best source for Cuban bread is Le Sagunda Bakery. A four generation business over 100 years old. Each loaf is hand rolled and baked with a palmetto leaf on the the top. The bakery produces 15,000 loaves each day.

Bob Sykes Sandwich Spread on both sides of bread

Place the Swiss cheese to cover the entire bread (the cheese is the binder)

Put BBQ Pork on one side of the bread

Put Ham on the other side of the bread

Add Dill Pickle Juice

Fold the sandwich together and brush with butter on both sides

Place on a flat grill pre-heated to 325 degrees

Place the press on top of the sandwich and toast each side until the bread is crispy and the cheese is melted.

Cut in half and serve immediately

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