FOP President remembers BPD sergeant killed in shooting as a leader and role model to officers

FOP President remembers killed officer

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Sergeant Wytasha Carter’s death will leave a huge hole in the hearts of the Birmingham Police Department family.

The Birmingham FOP president fought back tears as he told us about Sgt. Carter and the legacy he’s leaving behind.

Sergeant Heath Boackle said Sgt. Carter was a true leader and a role model to his officers. He said he died doing what he loved, protecting people in his community.

Sgt. Wytasha Carter
Sgt. Wytasha Carter

“When most of us put on this uniform, that’s what it’s for,” said Sgt. Boackle. “It’s not a claim to fame. Ninety-nine percent of law enforcement officers are out here to make a difference in the communities they serve, and that’s just what this supervisor was doing.”

He called Sgt. Carter a class act.

“He’s a standup guy,” he said. “He’s been with a few departments before he came here. He worked out at the western precinct and was involved with a life-saving event out there from a burning house. Shortly after that, he went into the community service division where he was an SRO. Shortly after that he got promoted, and he’s out here doing what he loves, trying to make a difference.”

News of his death hit his fellow officers hard.

FOP President Sgt. Heath Boackle
FOP President Sgt. Heath Boackle

“For a lot of them, this is their first time experiencing this,” said Sgt. Boackle. “And we’re human too. And a lot of times, people forget that. They think that we just put on a badge and go to work, but we bleed and we have feelings just as well as everyone else.”

Sgt. Boackle said now it’s time for the community to come together, not only are innocent people being killed in the city of Birmingham, but now officers are also being killed.

“You know, everybody always says, ‘Our thoughts and prayers are there.’ We appreciate that. But we want you to remember this a year from now, five years from now,” he said. “He won’t be back. And we have to move on. We all have our place in this world. We never know what tomorrow brings. He was trying to make a difference and doing something he loved."

Sgt. Carter was shot and killed while investigating car burglaries Sunday morning.
Sgt. Carter was shot and killed while investigating car burglaries Sunday morning.

Sgt. Boackle said Sgt. Carter and his officers had been out the night before, and took several people into custody for breaking into cars.

They were doing the same thing early Sunday morning, right before he and another officer were shot. That other officer is now being treated at UAB.

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