Progress made, still work to do on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

National Human Trafficking Day

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - There’s a new push to show the growing problem around the country and even right here in the Birmingham area of human trafficking.

“I hope that the public understands this is a real problem, that it is really happening, that the internet has strongly contributed to the growth of human trafficking,” says Carolyn Potter.

Friday marks the eighth year for National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Potter is the executive director for the Wellhouse, which yearly serves 50 to 60 women who are rescued from the hands of traffickers.

“We currently have a program designed for twelve months. We’re extending that to 24 months when we open our new transitional living home. But we’re willing to let survivors stay as long as they need to as long as they’re working on their recovery,” Potter says.

She says awareness and attention to the issue has certainly grown nationally and locally with homeland security and police and beyond.

Churches and community volunteers have just become very dedicated and supported in helping to address this issue. But there are also specific areas she feels that if targeted, could make an even bigger difference.

“I’d like to see more resources for law enforcement and for those who are actively trying to make arrests of both the buyers. So we need to address the demand and also dealing with the traffickers themselves,” Potter says.

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