Tuscaloosa Co. Schools promoting healthy eating habits using social media

TCS Twitter account encourages healthy eating habits

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - The Child Nutrition program for Tuscaloosa County Schools is using its Facebook and Twitter accounts right. Both are being used to show parents what their kids are eating and show kids how to take healthy eating habits from school to home.

In a post on Thursday, kids at Matthews Elementary School in Northport looked excited to eat lunch. It’s just the kind of thing director of Childhood Nutrition Donette Worthy will post.

“The main thing that I want parents to know is Tuscaloosa County Schools, we truly want to encourage healthy eating habits and that we are molding our program around the health of your kids," Worthy said.

Worthy routinely posts pictures and information on what’s happening in their school lunchrooms on the Tuscaloosa County Child Nutrition social media pages. It’s a way to offer nutrition tips and updates on nutrition programs happening in the Tuscaloosa County School system to students and parents.

“We can do a lot pictures and a lot of people actually like to see things instead of just read about them,” Worthy said.

They’re also doing live feeds from lunchrooms showing how the food is being prepared and talking about the nutritional value it provides kids.

“Nutritionally speaking, we know that what we do is very important for their children to be very successful in the classroom,” Worthy said.

Being on social media also allows them to respond quickly to questions and better engage parents. The nutrition program will add an Instagram page in the near future too.

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