ALDOT releases new maps, tips for drivers during upcoming I-59/20 bridge construction

New driving tips for 59/20 bridge project

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It’s no secret Birmingham drivers are not looking forward to the I-59/20 bridges coming down.

ALDOT is still looking at their contractor starting on bridges by mid-to-late January.

“I’d like more information on what route to take. What will be the best way around the freeway?” said Frank Thomas.

This week on, ALDOT produced new maps for drivers to take some tips where to exit the interstate once the bridges come down.

If you are heading eastbound from Tuscaloosa, you will see new signs where you can get off of 59/20 after the bridges come down. Take exit 124-C, which will take you to I-65 north. Exit 124-D will take you to the 17th Street exit to downtown. Exit 124-B will take you to I-65 south. Exit 124-A you can get to 6th Avenue North also for another avenue downtown.

If you are going westbound from Atlanta, you get off at the 126-B exit. It will take you to the 31st and 25th Street to go to downtown. Exit 126A, the Carraway Blvd. exit, will take you to Highway 31 and Red Mountain Expressway southbound..

Coming off of Red Mountain, you can exit 1st and 2nd Avenue North. Drivers can continue on to take the flyover to get on I-59 north and I-20 east. Lanes will be numbered to help assist you.

Drivers are expecting frustrations.

“It means you need to be careful, obedient to what the law is,” Reginald Eastman said.

“It might have a few problems going back and forth. Where can you park downtown,” Willie Lee Davis, Jr. said.

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