Traffic concerns growing in McCalla ahead of new hospital plans

JeffCo homeowners concerned about traffic

MCCALLA, AL (WBRC) - People who live in Letson Farms in McCalla know they have a traffic problem.

Walter McKinney likes to walk his dogs every day, but the homeowner knows there is a traffic problem out on Bell Hill Road.

"It’s pretty congested out here. Takes quite a while to get from one point to another. In the morning, it’s kind of hectic,” McKinney said.

On Thursday, the Jefferson County Commission will vote to rezone property to allow for a motel. Further down the road will be the site of UAB Medical West.

Several homeowners know that will create even more traffic problems on the roadway.

“There is going to be a lot of problems. A lot of issues trying to go tow and from work because of the hospital and that being built,” said McKinney.

At this time, there isn’t a traffic light at the entrance to Letson Farms. Jefferson County Commission President Jimmie Stephens, who represents the area, says the county knows it will have to add lights and possibly expand the roadway and alternative routes in the area.

“You don’t want to inhibit the growth of the area and we want to make sure it’s done in a proper fashion that will not hamper the quality of life of existing residents,” Stephens said.

Stephens said the roadway was originally designed for high density residential traffic but now it’s mostly commercial traffic.

The county must still get plans for the hospital before the transportation department starts to make plans to deal with the roadway.

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