Lots of jobs, but how to find them?

How to find a job in Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - With the new year, there will be a number of job fairs as employers are trying to find workers in a tight job market.

Brandon Wright is the Director of UAB’s Career Center. His main message to students and job seekers: “Anything in healthcare. health aides, nurse practitioners. Anything in the health arena is really going to grow over the next 20 years.”

Other booming job areas include software developers and information security. “Online security is going to be huge priority as we move forward. What we have online. All of our money and everything else,” said Wright.

A Jefferson County Commissioner who oversees economic development for the county agrees there is a big job demand out there. “There is plenty. There is anything from construction to Amazon is going to be looking for 1,500 potential employees. There is a little bit of everything,” Steve Ammons, Jefferson County Commissioner said.

Ammons said Shipt is another company looking for qualified workers.

Of course, not everyone has training for these jobs but other skills will get you in the door. “The thing they are looking for are soft job skills. So can you manage your time well? Can you communicate? Can you multi-task? Can you problem solve?” Wright said.

County leaders hope to do more to push companies with incentives to provide jobs. “There are jobs out there. We have to do a better job marrying the folks looking for work and the employers,” Ammons said.

UAB will have a number of job fairs for students and alumni. Companies also stage their own job fairs. For any others, check the state employment office website.

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