Firewood company ready for cold weather

Firewood deliveries

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It’s getting cold outside and that’s good news for people like Rodney Rosetta who sells firewood for a living.

“I got started 29 years ago. Just started off with a truck and an ax. And it’s grown to what it is today,” said Rosetta.

He jokes about his success, but the company that started off as “One Man & A Load of Firewood,” has outgrown its name. Now, there are several guys and a whole lot of firewood.

This time of year, they stay busy. “I enjoy doing it. I like to talk and when I go deliver wood, if you don’t want to talk you better go inside cause I’m going be talking,” said Rosetta.

Rosetta delivers wood all over central Alabama to private residences and over 20 restaurants.

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