B’ham woman says masked men broke into home, stole kids’ Christmas presents

Christmas presents taken during burglary

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A Birmingham father fought back tears Wednesday afternoon after he said men, armed with a gun, broke into his home and stole his kids' Christmas presents.

The father’s sister was inside the home when it happened.

Bobby Jackson’s sister said four or five masked men came in and stole everything from TVs to games.

Now, the family hopes police can track down the stolen items-- items Jackson said he worked hard to provide for his children.

“I mean, wow,” said Jackson. “I skipped bills to make sure they had Christmas now. Now it’s just like all of that is just in vain.”

Jackson and his children were visibly upset after they said four or five masked men broke into his home on the 600 block of 15th Street Southwest.

“We don’t deserve it. We just don’t deserve it,” Jackson said. “I work hard to try to make sure they have everything they want. It just isn’t fair.”

Jackson’s sister, who did not want to reveal her identity, said she was in the bathroom Wednesday morning when she heard a strange noise.

“I heard a big boom,” she said. “And when I heard the boom, I ran out to see what was in it.”

She said she saw a man with long dreads and blonde tips inside the home. She said he had a gun. She saw three or four other men, too.

“Their masks were all black,” she said. “They had the eyes out and the mouth part out.”

She said the men stole TVs and the kids’ games.

“I would have rather them take something of mine instead of my niece’s and nephew’s,” she said.

Jackson and his sister said they hope someone will find the stolen items.

"I hope God just blesses them to stop what they’re doing. Look how they touched folks' lives. It hurt. Get out, get a job, and try to do something for yourself and stop taking from other people," said Jackson.

Birmingham Police said, right now, they’re investigating this as a burglary because detectives aren’t able to confirm any interaction between the woman and the suspects.

It could be reclassified, though, as a home invasion depending on information detectives can gather.

The Jackson family has been set-up a GoFundMe page. You can view it here.

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