How scammers use Facebook

Facebook/Publisher's Clearing House Scam

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - David Fadule got a message from his Aunt Bobbie on Facebook.

“Told me that she won $150,000 off of Publisher’s Clearing House and she saw my name on the list of winners,” says Fadule.

He was suspicious. Especially when his “aunt” gave him a phone number to call to collect his winnings. He asked his “aunt” to call him to make sure it was really her. That’s when they disappeared.

“And then later on that day they deleted the account,” says Fadule.

“A lot of spoofing is going on, whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, whatever social media platform. Always look and see, does this sort of make sense?” says David Smitherman.

David Smitherman with the Better Business Bureau says scammers are experts at hacking Facebook profiles.

“Pictures are being lifted and stolen so then the hacker has now an opportunity to reach out to all of your contacts, all of your friends and family,” says Smitherman.

And that’s when you get a friend request from someone you’re already friends with. That second request is the scammer. Smitherman says that should be the first red flag.

“If it looks suspicious, do contact them directly,” says Smitherman.

“Me, personally, it makes me sick. I think its sad that they have to resort to taking money from people, mainly people who don’t have the money,” says Fadule.

Officials say contact that person directly, let them know that their Facebook page has been spoofed and they need to change their password.

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