Federal workers hoping President Trump’s address will say shutdown is over

What federal employees hope to hear regarding government shutdown

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Just a few hours before President Donald Trump is poised to address the nation about the government shutdown, federal employees in Alabama say it is time for the shutdown to end.

“We were supposed to close on a house last week, but I've had to call them and tell them to hold off,” says Amanda Allen.

That's because the money Allen and her family were going to use for closing costs, they're now having to use to pay the bills.

Allen and Ronny Adamson both work with the Federal prison in Talladega.

They've been required to come to work since the government shutdown began, but they aren't getting paid.

“Even the inmate population is still receiving their pay monthly for the work they do inside. That is a slap in our face," Allen continued.

Both will be listening closely when President Trump addresses the nation Tuesday night about the issue.

And both want to hear the same thing.

“So what I’m hoping for tonight when Mr. Trump gives his interview is we see him say the end is in sight now,” Adamson says. “I want to hear he’s going to open it back up and that we can move forward with the plans we have.”

Both say they don’t have a position on the issue of the wall. At this point, it’s about survival.

”Figure it out. Don’t keep using us and our paycheck as leverage to get what you want. I just want to get paid,” says Allen. “I don’t care which side of the aisle you sit on. It doesn’t matter to me right now. Open this government back up and put your feelings aside and show you truly care about us.”

Adamson says it’s important for both congress and the president to remember who put them in office, adding the last thing they want to do is upset 800-thousand government workers.

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