Work Week Forecast: Enjoy the dry weather while it lasts

Work Week Forecast 1-6-19

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - After all the wet weather we had in December and to start 2019, we deserve this week’s dry spell.

Unfortunately, it won’t last too long.

Rain returns as early as Friday, with showers likely this weekend. Also, it’s going to be cold.

However, don’t worry just yet. The rain expected this weekend comes after at least four days of dry weather. And Monday it is expected to be beautiful, with a chilly morning turning into a mostly sunny day with temperatures in the mid-60s. Tuesday is expected to be the same.

On Wednesday, the sun will hang around but temperatures drop substantially. On Wednesday morning, lows will be around freezing. It’s not expected to get above 50 in most areas. Thursday is the same story.

Then on Friday, have your umbrella ready just in case.

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