WATCH: Jalen Hurts’ biggest fan meets the Bama QB

Alabama Media Day: Jalen Hurts meets Camden Lang

SAN JOSE, CA (WBRC) - Jalen Hurt was called over to meet a special fan Saturday morning.

As the Alabama quarterback zigged and zagged through a busy CFP Media Day floor, Hurts finally reached young Camden Lang.

Lang and Hurts talked a bit and Hurts signed some gear. Lang says he’s similar to Hurts in that he was a back-up quarterback last season brought in when the starter got injured. And like the Bama QB, Lang led his team to victory.

You can watch their meeting between Hurts and the Georgia teenager.

Lang, who suffered two broken legs and a broken back last year in a golf cart accident, then told our sister station WTVM how much meeting Hurts meant. You can watch his answer below.

Alabama Media Day: Camden Lang talks about meeting Jalen Hurts

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