Alabama’s Quinnen Williams makes plays on the field & in his hometown

Alabama Media Day: Quinnen Williams talks about giving back to Wenonah

SAN JOSE, CA (WBRC) - Quinnen Williams is making a positive impact on his hometown.

At Saturday’s CFP Media Day in California, we asked the Wenonah High graduate about being from Birmingham and representing the area.

“I got back to my old high school and watch film just like those guys watch film. I try to teach those guys the stuff that I learned, because when I got to college everything was new. Most people didn’t know this type of stuff in high school so every chance I go back to Wenonah I got to a middle school or high school or somewhere and talk about the different things outside of the Magic City. I grab a few guys from around the city and mentor them and make sure they’re on the right path,” Williams said.

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