On your side investigation: Where’s my mail?

OYSI: Where's my mail?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - We’ve been reporting for more than a week on complaints from postal customers in the Birmingham area that their mail is either late, or not delivered for days at a time, and a Bessemer woman says this is a problem her neighborhood’s been having for months.

“Some days we’re not getting mail until 3-4 days later,” says Jeanne Harem.

Harem says what was once regular daily mail delivery turned irregular in late August.

“Since then we haven’t received mail ever on a Monday, we never receive mail the day after a holiday, and generally we’re getting mail 4-5 times a week. For instance, this week we didn’t get mail on Monday or Tuesday, and on Wednesday we got Monday and Tuesday’s mail about noon on Wednesday, and we didn’t get Wednesday’s mail until late Wednesday,” Harem said.

It’s not just inconvenient, it’s interfering with business.

“The other day I had a package that was due on a Thursday and I needed it for something on Friday, it was out for delivery and the package never made it to me, so I had to proceed with my business without that package and it showed up late on Friday afternoon,” Harem said.

She even had a man who lives three miles away drop off a package to her that was mistakenly delivered to his home.

“We’ve called 3 or 4 times and each time we get the run around: they’re aware there’s a problem, they’re hiring more people, they’re gonna double up the route so they have more carriers taking care of our route, but the problem continues to get worse,” Harem said.

We reached out to Bessemer’s postmaster multiple times but didn’t hear back, we also reached out to the postal service’s office of public affairs.

We’ve been reporting on this issue now for two weeks, and the postal service did send us this statement: “While the goal is to finalize mail delivery during daylight hours, variables such as seasonally shorter days, weather, unscheduled absences, high volumes or a new employee on a route may affect delivery times.”

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