Author donates suicide prevention book to Tuscaloosa schools

VIDEO: Author donates suicide prevention book to Tuscaloosa schools

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - After 2 young Alabama girls committed suicide in the last month, a local author donated a suicide prevention children’s book to several elementary schools in Tuscaloosa. He shares a special connection to the book.

Kristen’s rainy day was written by Tuscaloosa author JacQuan Winters who wrote the book not only to remember his sister who committed suicide 4 years ago, but to also help prevent young people from considering this tragic route all together.

Thanks to a special contribution Winters said he was able to donate 3 copies of his book to all Tuscaloosa city elementary schools. Winters is also the Founder of the Kristen Amerson Youth Foundation Inc. which allows him to go in to schools and teach kids how to deal with their emotions and feelings in a way where, they don’t ever have to feel alone. Through his organization and the book, he hopes to make real change and keep students from having suicidal thoughts.

“We’re taking a proactive approach to suicide. We’re looking to teach these valuable lesson at a young age. Ultimately will teach children how to remain positive through situations, that their issues don’t have as much purpose at their life in General,” said Winters. For more information on the foundation and book click here

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