‘PayPal’ scammer backpedals after receiving call from victim

Woman warns of PayPal scam

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Melissa Coppett first got a voicemail from someone claiming to be from PayPal.

“A red flag has been issued to your PayPal account due to some fraudulent activity" says the caller.

"They said someone from another foreign country had hacked it and they took $600 out. And I knew I didn’t have $600 in my PayPal because I don’t even use PayPal,” says Coppett.

The scammer claimed he was looking at her account despite the fact she gave him a fake name and a fake number. They told her to put $200 on a Google Play card. That’s when she called him out.

“When I told him I had kids and it’s Christmastime and I said you’re not trying to scam me, right? ‘Oh, no ma’am!’ That was when it made me mad. Cause why? Why would you do that? And then he cussed me out and I’m like, I don’t think PayPal cusses people out!” said Coppett.

We actually called the scammer this afternoon to see what would happen-- and it wasn’t what we expected.

Here’s how that conversation went: “Welcome to PayPal, this is Larry, how may I help you?" “I was just wondering if this was PayPal?” “No ma’am it is not.” “It’s not PayPal? I thought you just answered and said it was PayPal?" “No, why did you dial this number ma’am?” “Because the number was on my phone.” “That’s a wrong number.” "Oh, ok, thank you.”

Now she has a warning for others. “Just watch out. Don’t give anybody your information,” said Coppett.

Coppett called the real PayPal to let them know about the phone call. They told her they’d gotten lots of calls from customers about this very scam. Just know, PayPal will never call you and ask for your personal information because the real PayPal should already have it.

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