Talks of Rock the South Concert possibly moving

Rock the South Concert possibly moving

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - For the past seven years, Rock the South has been held at Heritage Park in Cullman City.

The concert began as a way to help out after tragic tornadoes struck.

"I think it's a great idea, it's been beneficial for Cullman," says Scott Edmondson.

The concert is estimated to have a $10 million economic impact on the city. But as the concert has grown, organizers started looking for a larger venue.

Heritage Park is only 15 acres and organizers say they need more like 100 acres. One location they’re looking at--County Road 616 near I-65 in Good Hope, just a few minutes south of Cullman City. But residents say there a few things wrong with that.

"It's pretty much known to be a wetland area, so how they plan on developing it, I'm not sure," says Edmondson.

And the only access road to the lot also poses a problem.

"Real curvy, it's a dangerous road to start with. There's probably 30 houses or 30 different residences on that road that are going to be basically blocked," says James Trakel.

"Worst case scenario, when the thing is letting out, someone has a medical emergency in the neighborhood, it might be five or 10 extra minutes for rapid responders to get there," says Stacey Widner.

Good Hope City Planner, and state lawmaker, Corey Harbison works closely with organizers and say they'll be looking at every detail.

"But as you plan, that's part of the planning stages. If they choose a site in Good Hope or they choose a site anywhere in Cullman county, they'll have engineers, they will work on that side and they will plan to get the traffic in and out."

The concert raised over $139,000 this past year for Cullman County charities. The concert has played host to acts like Florida-Georgia Line and .38 Special. No word yet on when they’ll announce where or if the concert will be moved.

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