Changes in school security since Sandy Hook

How Sandy Hook School shooting changed security

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School 6 years ago Friday forever changed how children are protected.

“I knew as that was unfolding, we were facing another really epic change in school safety,” said Mo Canady, Executive Director of the National Association of School Resource Officers.

One of the biggest things that has changed since Sandy Hook is the amount of manpower devoted to protecting kids in the classroom.

“More school resource officers and specifically more SROs in elementary schools,” said Canady.

On the local level, each school district tailors safety plans to fit its environment and needs.

John Baker, who is the Director of Safety and Security for Birmingham City Schools, says it’s an evolving process. His district is making changes as we speak.

"We’re in the process of implementing a visitor management system. Basically, what that will do is visitors will have to come in and show their ID, said Baker. “It will generate a hit list of things we will be looking for, sex offenders, violent felons, to keep from coming into our school.”

The system has also added things like cameras and door alarms to certain schools.

“It would let us know that someone went out a door they weren’t supposed to go out of, or let someone in,” said Baker.

While Canady says schools can never rely solely on technology to protect students, he does think it has a place. He’s also excited about some of the new stuff coming out.

"Technology that would allow us basically to scan someone to determine if they have a weapon on them without it being an intrusive type search,” said Canady.

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