Hoover businesses rebounding after Riverchase Galleria shooting

Hoover daily protests having impact on businesses

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - The Riverchase Galleria shooting Thanksgiving night has impacted retail sales in Hoover, but things are looking up.

The upswing started last weekend and is expected to continue this weekend and next.

Protesters say they want to stop shoppers from buying in Hoover - to shut the city down. But don’t tell that to Mary Lou Kunka, who owns Lou Lou’s in Patton Creek.

“We had a great weekend last weekend even with the horrible weather we had," she said. “There are two Saturdays before Christmas. Shopping and it’s going to be mad.”

Kunka says people are still shopping. She believed some of the protest is actually inspiring folks to come out and support Hoover shop owners. She says protesters are not winning.

“They are not. Hoover is packed all the time. I went out last night, we had no problems. We’ve had cars parked in front of my store every day. Never had no problems. It’s packed,” she said.

Kunka kicked off the #Hooverstrong t-shirt campaign on December 7. Over 500 have been sold so far, with part of the proceeds going to support the Hoover Police Department and support personnel.

"Every time I see more protests I know people are gong to come in and say, ‘Hoover Strong,’ and you are not going to break us. We are gong to spend the weekend spending our money,” Kunka said.

Kunka and Riverchase Galleria management remain optimistic. They hope to see bump in sales with students out of class.

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