UAB creates new website to help fight flu

New website to help you fight the flu

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - During the holiday season, it’s not just family that likes to visit. So do germs, including the flu.

But UAB has created a website they hope will help.

“What we wanted to do at UAB was create a one-stop site for community members, parents, before the flu hits strongly again, they have answers to the questions they have,” says Savannah Koplon.

She was a part of the team that helped create the site which you can find at

“Our intention was to not only have that visual hearing from physicians first hand in videos,” Koplon says. “But we also have a lot of graphics that teachers can print off and put in their classrooms, churches can put out on Sundays and Wednesdays.”

Written in English and Spanish, the site details the difference between a cold and the flu, gives tips on how to stay flu free while traveling, the flu shot, when to go to the ER.

There’s also a link to the university’s e-medical platform.

“Where people can go and get a diagnosis and treatment online from the comfort of their home if they’re feeling under the weather,” said Koplon.

Koplon says site creators realize there is a lot of info out there, but feel providing info at the click of the mouse from those in the medical field is important, especially in this holiday season.

“Once travel starts next week and people are on planes, in cars, in close quarters for travel areas, this site will be more helpful than ever,” Koplon says.

UAB just launched the site a few weeks ago. Koplan says they plan to continue to grow and cultivate it, so if there’s something not on there you think would be helpful, let them know.

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