Shelby Co. Schools searching for bus drivers

Shelby Co. Schools in need of more bus drivers

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Shelby County Schools is looking for more school bus drivers.

Rick Vines, bus coordinator with the school system, says they have been trying to fill open positions since May. He says it’s pretty unusual to still be trying to fill positions this time of year.

“We fill one, another one opens, fill one, another one opens type thing,” he said.

Constantly conducting interviews, finding substitute drivers, on top of all his other demands, is making Vines a very busy man.

“About two, maybe three, weeks ago we had everything filled and then the very next day someone came up and I ended up having another opening,” he said.

Just this week Vines filled three openings, and the next day someone turned in their two-weeks notice. Vines encourages people who are interested in becoming a bus drive to give them a call.

They have full-time positions or part time, if you want to be a sub-driver. The full-time positions come with full employee benefits.

If you are interested in applying, do so immediately because the application process can be lengthy and includes some training.

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