Justice for Christian: A Blount County mother’s Christmas prayer

Christian Boyle's mom speaks out

BLOUNT COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Christmas season brings tears for Kerry Payne as he reflects on the memory of her 18-year-old son.

“Every day, he either called or texted goodnight and he loved us,” Payne recalls.

So when Christian Boyle failed to do that on December 12, 2017, Payne knew something was wrong.

The next day, she called friends. No one knew where he was.

She never heard any news until Christmas night.

“That night, some boys were riding some four wheelers out in there and noticed some car lights down in there,” she remembers.

It was a wooded area of Blount County.

Authorities found Christian's body outside his car. He'd been shot to death.

“Of course, I knew in my heart he was gone. But it was still hard hearing it,” Payne says.

In the months following investigators worked the case, but no arrests were ever made.

That made the loss even harder for Payne and Christian's father, George.

He battled his own illness and died just a few weeks ago.

“I always said I think George lived so long because of his will to live but I think his will died with Christian,” Payne says.

Despite her pain, Kerry Payne continues to fight for justice for her son.

She’s created t-shirts and a Facebook page. And she thinks she knows who is responsible.

But more so, she believes several people out there know for sure. She’s asking them to come forward.

“They need to put themselves in my place, what would they want someone to do. I just beg them to come forward and give us the answers we need,” Payne says.

If you have any information that will help solve the case, you are asked to call the Blount County Sheriff’s Office.

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