Christmas Decorators “Doing Good”

Christmas Decorators "Doing Good"
Christmas Decorators "Doing Good"(Source: WBRC)
Published: Dec. 13, 2018 at 3:18 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Sometimes people “Doing Good” just turn up where they are needed and that’s exactly what happened here at WBRC. The Christmas tree delivered for our lobby turned out to be the tallest we’ve ever had. General Manager Collin Gaston and his wife, Shannon, spent a Saturday on ladders just putting on the lights and hoping for more help with ornaments. However, with a 14 foot tree even Steve Crocker couldn’t reach the top.

Leanne Barrett of Tuscaloosa and her sister Leslie McDuffie of Altoona.
Leanne Barrett of Tuscaloosa and her sister Leslie McDuffie of Altoona.

Little did we know, help was on the way from two guests of Good Day Alabama. Leanne Barrett of Tuscaloosa and her sister Leslie McDuffie of Altoona told our Janice Rogers about their recent experience at the White House as volunteer Christmas decorators. They followed the First Lady’s plans as they decorated a beautiful tree in the Diplomat Room.

After their Good Day Alabama appearance the sisters noticed our WBRC tree needed some help so they offered to decorate it for us free of charge. They got to work with a little bit of this... a little bit of that.... and a whole lot of talent. They are beautiful elves loaded with Southern charm.

"We added some ribbon and we're so proud of it because y'all are happy with it." Leanne says with a chuckle. Yes, we are very happy with the tree. Collin Gaston is determined to hire them next year. He says " They showed up with bows and these beautiful big ornaments and I asked what can I do for you and they just said let us do it again next year. That's the heart of these two. They couldn't be more delightful and they'll definitely get our business next year."

When asked why they love decorating Christmas trees the sisters say it's all about the lights, the color and the love of family.

That’s why we love Leslie McDuffie and Leanne Barrett for “Doing Good”.

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