School systems make last minute decision to delay

Schools scramble in icy weather

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Area schools systems were left scrambling Tuesday morning after unanticipated winter weather hit the area.

Bridges and roads begin to ice which meant several districts were forced to delay classes.

In some cases, buses were already running routes when the decision was made.

“Our district is aware of the few students who were picked up prior to the delay. No students are in danger and the driver will still transport those students to school. Administration will receive those students at their local school when the bus arrives. The driver and administration will remain with students at all times,” said a Jefferson County schools spokesperson in a statement Tuesday morning.

Bessemer City superintendent Keith Stewart said some of their students were also on the buses when it was decided classes would start two hours late.

He adds making the decision, especially at the last moment, is difficult because it affects people’s plans.

“I can empathize with them (parents), and I certainly understand that. But we don’t have control of the weather and there is no sure way of this the right way or this is the wrong way,” said Stewart.

When Stewart spoke to the transportation director first thing Tuesday morning and realized that Bessemer had some icy spots, he felt there was only one choice.

“We know that time is critical. We try to make decisions as quickly as possible, sound decisions to try and keep everybody safe,” said Stewart.

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