Police says there is a lesson for drivers to learn from Tuesday morning wrecks

Lessons learned from icy mess

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) -Shelby County traffic is finally back to normal for the afternoon rush hour after a morning mess caused by icy bridges and accidents.

One of the officers who worked wrecks says there is a lesson drivers can learn.

Pelham police say they worked almost ten wrecks Tuesday morning starting around 5 a.m. and lasting several hours. State troopers say they worked 23 wrecks.

Officer Todd McCann with the Pelham Police Department says most of the wrecks were on I-65 north near Cahaba Valley Road coming down the hill near a bridge there.

“Once the temperature reaches below 32° and if it’s been raining always leave a large gap between you and the car in front of you. Slow down if you do see yourself sliding. Do not apply your brakes at all, remove your foot from the accelerator.," he explains.

Some of the wrecks on I-65 Tuesday morning were caused by a ripple effect.

“If one takes place they are usually sitting in the roadway traffic coming up on that hazard they proceed to apply their breaks which is the worst thing you can do . They end up getting sideways and sliding in the wrecked vehicles,” he explains.

We all know we could see this same black ice situation again this winter. Officers ask that next time the temperature drops below freezing to go ahead and adjust your driving habits just to be safe.

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