#HooverStrong shirts have raised more than $5,000 for police fund

#HooverStrong t-shirts on sale

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - It’s been a busy shopping weekend in Hoover, including at Lou Lou’s in Patton Creek.

As we reported last week, Mary Lou Kunka started selling #HooverStrong shirts and donating 75 percent of sales to purchasing and giving gift cards to Hoover police and assisting agencies.

Money raised through the fund has doubled since Friday. Kunka says it has topped $5,000.

T-shirts cost $20 and 350 have been sold. Kunka added that volunteers will assist with producing even more shirts.

“I make not a dime on these shirts. In fact, I’m losing a little bit of money on every single shirt that we make here in this store," she said. "But, to see people say, ‘Hoover Strong,’ and to see people wearing these in the community, and wearing them at the mall, and wearing them when they’re out to dinner, and hugging each other - isn’t that what it’s all about?”

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